Our Rewards Program

Welcome to our “Rewards with Scissors” loyalty program!

The Basics

When you make your first purchase with us, fill out a white membership card. Your pre-tax purchase amount is written in one of six boxes on the card. When all six boxes are full, you will receive a store gift certificate for 10% of the total dollar amount on your card. For instance: if, over six purchases, you spend $200, we’ll give you a $20 gift certificate. If you spend $500 over six purchases, we’ll give you a $50 gift certificate.

The next time you come in, grab your card from the library card catalog cabinet in the front of the store. Do your shopping and when you are ready to check out hand your card to our staff member, and we’ll take care of the rest. (The card stays at the store so you don’t have to keep up with anything!)


After you fill up your first white card, you are a "Pink Elite" member. You will be upgraded to a pink card and in addition to your gift certificate, you will receive one of our custom "5th Saturday” reusable shopping bags. (On each of the 5th Saturdays during the year, you will receive 20% off of everything that you can fit into your bag! Only Elite members are eligible for the promotion during our special 5th Saturday Customer Loyalty Days.)

After you fill up three pink cards, you become a “Teal Elite" member. You are upgraded to a teal card and continue to be eligible for the 5th Saturday promotion. In addition, you will get early notification and registration for events AND you will receive 10% off of all of your product purchases. Everyday!

After you fill up six teal cards, you become a “Gold Elite" member. You will be upgraded to a gold card and will continue to be eligible for the 5th Saturday promotion and early event notification and registration. In addition, you will be invited to attend our exclusive after hours Holiday Kick-Off Bash AND you will receive 15% off of all your product purchases. Everyday!

The more you visit, the more you save! 

The Fine Print:

Exchanges & Loyalty Boxes: When you make an exchange in store and receive store credit, it will not deducted from your loyalty card. However, when you redeem that store credit, the new sale will not be added to your loyalty card unless you spend over the store credit amount, in which case the difference will be added.

Gift Card Purchases: When a gift card is purchased, the purchaser can add the sale to his/her loyalty card. Therefore, the one redeeming the gift card cannot also add the sale to his/her own loyalty card. When redeeming a gift card, anything spent over the gift card value will be added to redeemer's loyalty card.